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Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Router

The most effective steps you can take to secure your wireless network at home is to change the default admin password, enable encryption and use a strong password for your wireless network.
12 June 2020

Twitter bans 32k accounts pushing Chinese, Russian, and Turkish propaganda

All three networks targeted local users for the benefit of the ruling political party.
11 June 2020

ICS Threat Snake Ransomware Suspected in Honda Attack

An attack targeting the automaker reportedly infected internal servers and led to the suspension of production at plants around the world.
11 June 2020

FBI Says Sudden Increase in Mobile Banking Is Heightening Risks For Users

Mobile malware and fake apps purporting to be legitimate banking software are big risks, law enforcement agency says.
11 June 2020

Black Lives Matter Emails Deliver TrickBot Malware

Black Lives Matter Emails Deliver TrickBot Malware Malspam emails are claiming to deliver a survey on BLM -- but in reality they deliver the infamous banking trojan.
11 June 2020

Microsoft Outlook Users Targeted By Gamaredon’s New VBA Macro

Microsoft Outlook Users Targeted By Gamaredon’s New VBA Macro The Gamaredon APT has started using a new VBA macro to target Microsoft Outlook victims' contact lists.
11 June 2020

Knoxville shuts down IT network following ransomware attack

Knoxville joins a list that also includes Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, and New Orleans.
11 June 2020

Protocol Vulnerability Threatens Mobile Networks

A vuln in the GTP protocol could allow DoS, fraud, and data theft attacks against cellular networks from virtually anywhere.
11 June 2020

Kubernetes Falls to Cryptomining via Machine-Learning Framework

Kubernetes Falls to Cryptomining via Machine-Learning Framework Misconfigured dashboards are at the heart of a widespread XMRIG Monero-mining campaign.
11 June 2020

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Web App Pen Testing

Time on your hands and looking to learn about web apps? Here's a list to get you started.
11 June 2020

Siemens Teams Up in OT Endpoint Security

Machine language-based endpoint security collaboration with SparkCognition is the latest move by Siemens in security.
11 June 2020

Congress wants to know what commercial spyware other countries are using

Intelligence funding bill for 2021 to mandate DNI to submit report to Congress about surveillance vendors and the countries that use spyware.
11 June 2020

Podcast: Would You Use A Contact-Tracing Coronavirus App?

Podcast: Would You Use A Contact-Tracing Coronavirus App? Contact tracing apps for the coronavirus are being developed and tested globally as the world starts to re-open. Are the apps worth using to flatten the curve? Or do data privacy worries trump public health?
11 June 2020

'Highly Active' APT Group Targeting Microsoft Office, Outlook

The Gamaredon group has ramped up activity in recent months and makes no effort to stay under the radar, researchers report.
11 June 2020

Attack Surface Area Larger Than Most Businesses Believe

Workers are not the only outside-the-perimeter security risk. Companies have a variety of vulnerable Internet-facing resources exposing their business to risk, study finds.
11 June 2020

What COVID-19 Teaches Us About Social Engineering

Unless we do something proactively, social engineering's impact is expected to keep getting worse as people's reliance on technology increases and as more of us are forced to work from home.
11 June 2020

Hackers breached A1 Telekom, Austria's largest ISP

A1 needed more than six months to kick the hackers off its network. Whsitleblower claims the intruders were Chinese hackers.
11 June 2020

Gamaredon group grows its game

Active APT group adds cunning remote template injectors for Word and Excel documents; unique Outlook mass-mailing macro

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11 June 2020

Microsoft discovers cryptomining gang hijacking ML-focused Kubernetes clusters

Attacks targeted Kubeflow servers that left their administration panel exposed on the internet.
11 June 2020

Congress asks Juniper for the results of its 2015 NSA backdoor investigation

Thirteen US government officials ask Juniper to publish the findings of its 2015 investigation.
10 June 2020