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Enter domain name or IP address and select scan method. After scan finished you get Nmap scan result for your target.
Some firewalls blocks Nmap scans. For get true positive results add nmap.online IP addresses ( to the whitelist
Scan Options: [scan_type] of [scan_block] with an [scan_output]. Change Options
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Cyber security experts, network administrators using Nmap (“Network Mapper”) open source tool for network exploration and security auditing. If you want to scan your target with nmap tool without any additional installations, skills, or it is lazy to configure or open terminal and enter this commands then nmap.online for you.

nmap command

nmap -F [hostname]

[hostname] - is your host name or IP address

This command scan just the most popular 100 ports with the -F (fast scan) option.

Recent scans

Domain or IP Scan type Size
marcosl.mypi.co Fast Scan 460
www.juntadeandalucia.es Fast Scan 558 Fast Scan 205 Fast Scan 205 Fast Scan 359
drp.lotteins.co.kr Fast Scan 280 Normal Scan 1032
files.acstuff.ru Normal Scan 497 Fast Scan 205
nmap-ss180.153.25.100-255 Fast Scan 126

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International sting takes down online marketplace of stolen identities

Operation led by FBI and Dutch police with involvement of UK National Crime Agency takes Genesis Market offline

A criminal online marketplace selling millions of stolen identities for as little as 56p has been taken down in an international crackdown.

The sting, led by the FBI and Dutch police with the involvement of law enforcement agencies across 18 countries, including the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), took Genesis Market offline on Tuesday evening.

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Several domain names tied to Genesis Market, a bustling cybercrime store that sold access to passwords and other data stolen from millions of computers infected with malicious software, were seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) today. Sources tell KrebsOnsecurity the domain seizures coincided with "dozens" of arrests in the United States and abroad targeting those who allegedly operated the service, as well as suppliers who continuously fed Genesis Market with freshly-stolen data.