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Enter domain name or IP address and select scan method. After scan finished you get Nmap scan result for your target.
Some firewalls blocks Nmap scans. For get true positive results add nmap.online IP addresses ( to the whitelist
Scan Options: [scan_type] of [scan_block] with an [scan_output]. Change Options
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Cyber security experts, network administrators using Nmap (“Network Mapper”) open source tool for network exploration and security auditing. If you want to scan your target with nmap tool without any additional installations, skills, or it is lazy to configure or open terminal and enter this commands then nmap.online for you.

nmap command

nmap -F [hostname]

[hostname] - is your host name or IP address

This command scan just the most popular 100 ports with the -F (fast scan) option.

Recent scans

Domain or IP Scan type Size Fast Scan 473 Fast Scan 536
aws-labs.net Fast Scan 470
bsav.io Fast Scan 516 Fast Scan 495
printers64.us.hellmann.net Fast Scan 126 Fast Scan 205 Fast Scan 306 Fast Scan 330
nsa.allynisconnect.gemalto.com Fast Scan 336

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Julius "Zeekill" Kivimäki, a 25-year-old Finnish man charged with extorting a local online psychotherapy practice and leaking therapy notes for more than 22,000 patients online, was arrested this week in France. A notorious hacker convicted of perpetrating tens of thousands of cybercrimes, Kivimäki had been in hiding since October 2022, when he failed to show up in court and Finland issued an international warrant for his arrest.

‘I’m not Snow White. I have to think like a criminal’: how I became a burglar for hire

‘I’m not Snow White. I have to think like a criminal’: how I became a burglar for hire

Jenny Radcliffe is a professional ‘people hacker’ – someone who claims she can get past anyone and get in anywhere. No building is secure. How does she do it? Plus, an extract from her memoir

‘Do I look like someone to mess with?” says Jenny Radcliffe, folding her arms in a really-don’t-mess-with-me kind of way. Her tattoos seem to be making the point, too. On her left forearm is a Latin phrase – facta non verba, actions not words – with a pair of devil’s horns; on her right, a feather, from the wings of an angel. Which is she, I wonder. Her boots – DM-like, many eyelets – suggest no angel; but the T-shirt is emblazoned with “Trust Me”.

Radcliffe has an unusual job: she’s a social engineer. “Also known as a professional burglar, physical penetration tester … though it’s difficult to say that one to old ladies on trains,” she says. Yes, I can see that.

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